Ripcord®- S.O.S.

(Sustained Optimized Support)

Delayed fall-away for added arrow stability!

The Ripcord® S.O.S. is a limb-driven design that features a delayed fall-away which works great on all bows. There are several situations where delayed fall-away can solve particular tuning issues including: nock-travel issues, clothing interference, excessive draw lengths, light draw weights.

  • Delayed fall-away for added arrow stability
  • Connects to lower limb
  • Soft overmolding eliminates need for extra moleskin
  • Arrow Containment System assures your arrow can’t fall off the rest no matter what!
  • Cord Clip is easy to install and makes set-up a breeze

Cord Clip
Limb Bracket

S.O.S. mounts to lower limb

The S.O.S. easily mounts to the lower limb using the new Cord Clip and limb bracket.

Note: since the cord connected to the cable on an S.O.S. is pulling the rest down, it prevents the launcher arm from bouncing back.