Ripcord Ace Micro-Adjust Fall-Away Arrow Rest

Bowhunter’s #1 selling fall-away rest!

The Ripcord® Code Red is proven and dependable. That’s why it’s the #1 choice of so many bowhunters!

Ripcord keeps your arrow on!

Ripcord’s Arrow Containment System stops your arrow from ever falling off the rest. The launcher locks in the up position and cradles your arrow on three sides, while the containment arm eliminates your arrow from escaping from the top. So, even if you bump your arrow or get a bad case of buck fever, your arrow will never come off the rest!


No launcher bounceback!

Eliminating launcher bounceback, a problem with many other fall-away rests, is crucial. Ripcord’s exclusive brake system ensures the launcher cannot bounce back into your arrow. This means you’ll get perfect arrow flight shot after shot!


Patent #8,701,643
Patent #7,409,950


100% made in America!

Proudly made in the USA by those who served!

Highspeed Footage


This high speed footage shows Ripcord’s Code Red/Pink Drop Dead Brake keeps the launcher arm down with no bounceback.


Competitor: The launcher arm on this competitor’s fall-away rest bounces back into the arrow which will affect arrow flight.

"I've used a Ripcord for several years now and it performs great. They are easy to install and adjust and produce superb arrow flight. I shoot a lot of arrows and my Ripcord just keeps on performing. The functionality has been flawless whether it’s raining, snowing or even 25 below. It's a great rest." Dan Larsen, Waupun, Wisconsin

Arrowrest Features

Exclusive Arrow Containment System – bump or tilt your bow, your arrow stays on

Internal brake system eliminates all contact caused by launcher bounce

Soft red rubber over-molding eliminates the need for extra moleskin

Lightning-fast fall-away ensures maximum forgiveness

Plenty of windage and elevation adjustment

Extra-wide FlexFit launch pad to catch and cradle arrow should you let down

Offset cord won’t interfere with arrow travel

Internal dampening system minimizes noise

Shoot from up or down position with exact same point of impact

Easy installation – "football" clips to cable (no serving or bow press necessary)

Shoot your arrow with ample clearance between containment arm and launcher

Slimline launcher lets you move rest inside center shot (where many new bows tune best) without riser interference

Also available in multiple colors; right or left hand

Ripcord Code Red Black

Ripcord Code Red - BLACK

Ripcord Code Red Camo

Ripcord Code Red - CAMO

Ripcord Code Red Red

Ripcord Code Red - RED

Ripcord Code Red Blue

Ripcord Code Red - BLUE

Ripcord Code Red Pink

Ripcord Code Red - PINK

Ripcord Code Red Purple

Ripcord Code Red - PURPLE

Ripcord Code Red Green

Ripcord Code Red - GREEN