The Ripcord target rest!

It’s easier to set up and easier to tune than any other target rest!

  • Extreme and easy micro-adjustability – up/down, left/right and blade angle!
  • Locks down rock-solid
  • Two interchangeable arms included (long arm allows for torque tuning)
  • The “BEST” Launcher; .008 tempered spring steel blade for optimal strength, feel, consistency
  • All precision-machined components
Rob Morgan, 3-time Vegas shoot-off finalist
“... ultimate tuning makes the X-Change the most complete rest on the market.” Rob Morgan, 3-time Vegas shoot-off finalist
RipCord X-Change

Arrowrest Features

LAUNCHER BLADE Ultra strong and remarkably consistent,the X-CHANGE launcher blade has the right stiffness for optimal feel.

SCREWS Tapered cap head screws self-center blades to maintain accuracy.

MICRO-ADJUST This defines target archery. The ability to micro-adjust your rest up/down or left-right allow you to fine-tune your bow while others merely tune theirs. The difference will astound you.

LOCK IT DOWN Adjustment lock makes sure nothing moves while your rest is stored for travel.

TORQUE TUNING Comes with an extended mounting arm, making torque turning a breeze.

SECURE TRAVEL With the thumbknob and locking set screw, you can easily remove the rest body. Whether you keep it secure during travelor change out the rest for another one already tuned for a different setup, you are always dialed.


INTERCHANGEABLE ARMS Extended mounting arm allows for torque tuning.


MICRO-ADJUSTABLE BLADE ANGLES Micro adjustable blade angle easily fine tunes the pitch of the blade.

Blade angle micro-adjust

Available in right or left handed

Ripcord X-Change

Ripcord X-Change - BLACK