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Ripcord DropDead Brake System stops launcher bounce back

Ripcord Code Red: This highspeed footage shows Ripcord's Drop Dead brake keeps the launcher arm down with no bounce back.

Competitor: The launcher arm on this competitor's fall-away rest bounces back into the arrow which will affect arrow flight.

Extensive testing using highspeed photography shows that a key issue in proper arrow clearance is launcher bounce-back. Some fall-away rests actually fall away and bounce back in time to clip the vanes on your arrow as it passes by; affecting arrow flight. To eliminate this, we have designed an internal braking system that eliminates launcher bounce. We call it the DropDead brake. The DropDead brake will give you more consistent flight, tighter groups, and will allow you to tune your bow easier than a rest that lacks this feature. The DropDead brake, compared to the few others that exist, is simple, foolproof, far more durable, and made of all-metal parts; not plastic.

See high-speed footage* of the Ripcord Rests on your favorite bow’s