• This pair of ACES beats everything!

  • Bowhunter’s #1 selling fall-away rest!

    The Ripcord Code Red is proven and dependable. That’s why it’s the #1 choice of so many bowhunters!

  • The Ripcord target rest!

    Ripcord X-Factor is easier to set up and easier to tune than any other target rest!


America's favorite Fall-Away Rest


When it comes to fall away or drop down arrow rests, Ripcord is the brand that bowhunter's trust. Ripcord is the rest best known for 100% full time arrow containment, for eliminating bounceback and for ongoing innovation. The new pair of Ripcord Ace's are the latest in a line of fall-away arrow rests that will make you a better shooter and reduce bow tuning hassles. With ACE, we've optimized when the launcher falls away based on hundreds of hours of high speed footage, all so archers will make a better shot. The ACE Micro Adjust gives you the ability to micro tune your rest, something never before offered on a hunting rest. And, like every Ripcord Fall-Away Arrow Rest, the ACE is made in America with pride!




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