Setting new standards

User-Friendly Design

Our commitment to innovation means that every element, from design to functionality, has been fine-tuned for optimal performance. As a result, our arrow rests deliver exceptional accuracy and redefine simplicity in archery equipment. Join us in setting new standards, where ease of use and pinpoint precision converge effortlessly.

  • No Bow Press Set-Up and Tuning.
  • Unparalleled reliability, ensuring confidence with consistent performance.
  • Game-changing technology with effortless usability.

Speed Set Technology

This groundbreaking innovation allows you to fine-tune your cable take-up in milliseconds, all without the hassle of a bow press. Say goodbye to time-consuming adjustments and hello to instant, on-the-fly customization. With Speed Set Technology, you’re always in control

Launcher Arm

Precision Micro-Adjustment

Micro-adjust models allow for extremely precise changes in the horizontal and vertical positioning of the arrow rest to fine tune accuracy.

Launcher Arm


The Anti-bounce back launcher stops the launcher when it falls on the shot and eliminates bounce back. This prohibits arrow contact for increased accuracy.

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